Can Car Thieves Hack Keyless Entry?


Most people belief that keyless cars are safe but let me tell you today they are not safe at all. Despite the fact that technology has brought more advanced ways of locking our cars, it does not mean that all these ways are safe to use. The active keyless entry method is one of the methods that have been there for a long period of time in fact for decades now and this method has a button that you push when opening or closing your car. Another very common method of opening cars is by use of the passive keyless entry, in this method you don’t need to push them button when unlocking the car.  It’s one of the standard methods that are used in most of the high model cars. The similarity between these two types of keyless is that they are both convenient. Today we have several car locksmiths in Bristol and therefore you need not worry so much if your car cannot be able to open.

Do you believe that hacking is possible?

Yes hacking is possible and is common to keyless cars. According to experts car thieves are many nowadays and they have stolen several cars successfully without being caught. Media has highlighted some of the cases concerning stolen cars but most of these cases have not been disclosed at all. The way these locks are made should be reviewed well and if possible special knowledge and specialized equipments should be used to make these keyless cars. What automakers should do when they hear that car owners have been robbed off their cars due to issues related to keyless is that they should ensure they look at the weak points and repair it soon as possible to avoid losing customers. The robberies of this kind usually take place during the night when the robbers cannot be seen well and therefore ensure that your car is kept in a safe garage at all times or in any place that is secure. Some of the suggested methods of solving issues related to keyless cars are:

Use of non-hack workarounds

This is one of the few methods that thieves employ in order to get away with your car. This is a trick that involves the use frequency jammer to block any transmission that is within a certain range.  Thieves use this device near the place where you are packing your car so that you can think that it is locked but in the real sense it’s not and after they go away with it.  Therefore ensure that you car is locked before moving away to do your things.

Use of passive signal application

This is another method used by car thieves. It happens when your car is emitting frequency signals that are low and are within a short range. In this case a key comes in the same range making it easy to detect the signals which in turn sends authorization code allowing the thief to easily unlock the car and go with it. In conclusion, ensure that you seek advice from a locksmith so that you can be able to manage your car lock.

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